Here I will collect links, always with a short description.

Hier werde ich Links mit einer kurzen Beschreibung sammeln.

Bahn / Train

Mostly websites focusing on the Germany train services., die bessere Sparpreissuche für die Deusche Bahn., zeigt alle aktuellen Meldungen zu einem bestimmten Bahnhof. a page that lists world wide night train connections, but also trains with restaurants or trains where you can take your car with you on the train. how far can you go by train within 5 hours. Really cool informational web site.

Deutschlandticket eine gute Übersicht zum Deutschlandticket mit Zusatztickets, Vergleichspreisen, Abomöglichkeiten und mehr. hier kann man das kaufen, die FAQ hier verspricht das es auch mit Schufaeintrag geht und man kein Smartphone braucht. hier giibt es das Deutschlandticket mit Pausefunktion, es kann monatlich bis zu 24 Stunden vor Monatsende (so verspricht es die Webseite) belieblig lange pausiert werden.

Tech / IT, here you can paste a shell command and get a nice explanation. Try it! Great tool! BGP, DNS, WhoIs information for domains and IPs BGP, DNS, WhoIs information for domains and IPs tool to check email server setup, especially DKIM, DMARC and DNS. XMPP compliance test get your own IP, no adds, no tracking, run by a German non profit. For IPv4 or IPv6 only. get your own IPv(4|6), even can be self hosted, it is just a nginx config.

Fediverse / The Federation a page to search for your followers from Twitter on Mastodon. a tool to find your contact from Twitter on Mastodon, but all runs in your browser. The Federation, or as often called the “Fediverse”, refers to a global social network composed of nodes that talk to each other. Each of them is an installation of software which supports one of the federated social web protocols. information about some of the systems, like active users, number of servers. more statistics and information about the Fediverse. and more information and statistics about the Fediverse. information about the Fediverse in a Wiki. another information/directory website.


Just various lists of relays and information about such.

OSM (OpenStreetMap) Android related information/apps for OSM, same page for iOS.


Electrical grid and network information about the European electrical grid. Especial interesting is the map of the European grid. European grid frequency. European grid frequency and grid time (deviation of time accumulated). climate impact of electricity produced. current and historic data of network information (frequency, power, pumped storage stored power) for Britain again. lots of information about the electrical grid in Great Britain (Scotland, Wales and England) made by Kate.

Some of the sources of Kate are also very interesting. Great Britain grid information, basically what Kate is using on the page linked above. an open infrastructure map for the world, including gas, electrical, water and telcom. information collection about France and Germany related to the production of electrical power. a map showing which German renewable power production is currently not allowed to be connected to the grid, so shut of renewable production capacity available for production. current network frequency in the European grid, also power used for regulation of the frequency.

Gas grid and storage LNG storage inventory gas storage inventory

EV / Elektroauto Webseite mit allen Elektroautos auf dem europäischen Markt, gezielte Suche nach Effizienz, Ladegeschwindigkeit, Reichweite und anderen Parametern. Gibt auch reale Reichweiten an.

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